Gundam is the new Hobby

 I am not actually new to Gundam or Gunpla But I just can afford it after quite some time. I can tell you it’s a unique product perhaps in the same level of video games. What I mean is the price, Some may say it’s expensive but some may say it isn’t. But I am not going to argue for the price, it’s a hobby right? The good thing is, Bandai as the producer of this kit has anticipated every circumstances. You may get various models that you can choose depends on your interest. They got less expensive models for beginner, you may acknowledge this variation through its coding on the box “SD”, kind of smaller gundam with big head and small body or you may go for small detail gundam with a code of “Mega Size Model”. It’s less detail but affordable. The most likely and popular among all for its pricing and difficulties are coded by “High Grade”. The scale 1:144 ranging from less detail to highly detail, depends on pricing, the more difficult the kit then the more expensive it will be. There are other variants for Gunpla including the highest coded as “Perfect Grade” but I am not going to be very specific here cause a lot of people already discussing this.

I love to build Gunpla as it gives me the sensation of relax and calmness. Seems that when you are building the kit you are surrounded by a wall that protects you from time and any disturbances. Often times I never actually aware to what happened around me when assembling the parts 🙂 … Seems that I live in my own world.

Now I aim to perfect my skills om building Gunple, to make sure every cut clean and assemble everything slowly and enjoy the sensation…..I love the process of assembling Gundam / Gundpla compared to when the unit finished.

I hope some day I can collect enough Gundam so I can display and watching it all day as if you are watching fish in the aquarium.


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